Jennifer Sweatman, a physical therapist at Bayonne Hospital, passed away from melanoma on June 2, 1999. Her friends and family decided to use donations made in her name to create an organization which would reach out to help others fighting cancer. The focus of the Jennifer Sweatman Memorial Fund is to support the things that Jennifer was passionate about:

Jennifer was an avid reader. She would often read an entire novel in a matter of hours. To pass along that love of reading, the Fund donates annually to a local school or library.

Jenn was an excellent student, always excelling in all of her studies. At Fitchburg High School she was a Gold F and Honor student. At Hartford University she graduated Summa Cum Laude. At Columbia University, she graduated Magna Cum Laude. To assist others in pursuing their education, the Fund provides an annual scholarship to a local area High School senior pursuing a degree in the field of Health Care.

Jenn's experiences and passion for children led her into a career of Pediatric Physical Therapy. She began the Pediatric Physical Therapy program at Bayonne Hospital in New Jersey. The program there was in its infancy. Jennifer realized that the hospital did not have equipment for her to work with the children. Using her own wages, Jennifer purchased toys to engage the children in Physical Therapy. The fund is carrying on Jennifer's generosity by donating to hospitals in need of equipment for Cancer Research and Physical Therapy.

In 1995, Jennifer was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She lost her courageous battle on June 2, 1999. One of the major initiatives of this Fund is to assist in finding a cure for melanoma by donating to the Beth Israel Melanoma Research Center.

Jennifer had a passion for life, as proven by the three words she wrote so often: "Live, Love, Laugh". Jennifer touched all of our lives and our mission is to touch so many more